Film green.

With greeta, eco-friendly filmmaking is at your fingertips – integrate it effortlessly into your production. Because you can make films and save the planet.
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Green Filmmaking

greeta enables film producers and crew members to plan and implement their work in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way for all aspects of the production process.


Find out what you can do. Locate green suppliers and products. Quantify your carbon footprint.

Find best practice advice and guidelines

Creating film and media content is an extremely complex process, which puts a huge burden on mobility and transport as well as the energy supply. Huge amounts of materials and substances are used for studio design, set decoration and costumes, to name just a few areas.
So, where to start and what can you do to green up your work? greeta offers recommendations, best practice guidelines and background information for every department and field of action.

Shooting green is no extra burden. Not shooting green is.

Research for alternative products and suppliers can be extremely time consuming. But don’t worry, greeta has already done it for you. The integrated green business directory contains services and products in all fields of production, such as recycling services, e-car rentals, LED lighting, veggie catering or vegan make-up.

Find green suppliers and products whenever and wherever you need them. greeta supports local search options to reduce time, energy and costs required for transport and packing.

Track your impact on all levels

While you are busy on set, greeta is keeping track of your carbon emissions, based on your energy use, transport, waste & recycling practices, materials & substances, and location & housing. In the end, you receive an individualized report of the produced CO2 emissions.
You can analyze your ecological footprint and comprehend your impact on three different levels:

Our Mission

Coordinating a film production can be extremely complex. I am excited about the new possibility to plan in an ecologically responsible way without adding more effort to the task area.

Anne Braun, Filmmaker & Co-Founder of greeta

Scalable for all kinds of productions and devices

greeta is designed as both, a mobile and desktop app, so you can have it at hand whenever you need it.

Technology and communication are key elements in the transition to a carbon neutral society. A software solution like greeta is certainly a great idea and can have a major impact on the market.

Jacob van Zonneveld

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

For all of us who want to work more sustainably, greeta could become an inexhaustible resource. There are many decisions to be made during production. greeta would guide and support you - always ready in your pocket.

Martin Kleinmichel

Producer, Projector23

The film industry is perhaps the largest influencer on the planet, helping society to become aware of the challenges and solutions of the sustainability crisis. I think greeta can create the right social dynamics, making true and ambitious sustainability a collective goal also in each film crew.

Dr. Gregor Hagedorn

Initiator Scientists for Future

For us, sustainable filmmaking is a top priority. That means saving resources, avoiding waste, and utilizing low-emission mobility. greeta will be a universal platform where you can find valuable resources for a responsible production. There is no excuse for not shooting green anymore.

Roman Avianus

Founder 25p *cine support GmbH

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